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live chat
Indymedia operates a 24-hour chatroom for discussion and technical support. You will usually find someone hanging out in the channels. If not, there is an automated bot which can also provide assistance! We use Internet Relay Chat (IRC) for our chatroom. You can access the chat with your own client program, or use our web interface (http or java) on your browser.

To begin chatting immediately, fill out this form and click the "chat" button. You must have a Java-enabled browser to use this! NOTE: It may take 2-3 minutes for the Java applet to load after you click the chat button below.
Enter nickname:
Enter full name:
Select channel:

If you do not have a Java-enabled browser, you can download your own irc client. This is a program that runs on your computer and allows you to connect to our chat server. You will want to take note of the following settings:
IRC Hostname:
Channel: #pittsburgh

Refer to this table to find an IRC client:
Windows: Probably the easiest-to-use IRC client for Windows is a free program called mirc: download. Check here for more programs.
Macintosh: There is a review of Mac IRC clients here. You can find a more current list here.
Unix: We highly recommend irssi!